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Advice & Reports for Owners, Sellers & Renovators.

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Reduce Risk. Save. Plan. Negotiate. 


Great Service.

Based at Unley, we serve all areas - city, eastern suburbs, west, north, south, coast, hills & country.  Same-day Report Summary (meeting on-site or by phone) then your Building Inspection Report comes emailed next morning.

Practical Advice.

Plain language reports with context-specific explanations.  We don't just list a whole bunch of defects, but give you practical advice about your particular building, taking into account its age, type, condition and your intentions. Discuss your plans with your inspector.

Local Knowledge.

Our Qualified Building Inspector, David Bodycomb, is a Registered Architect with 35 years experience over much of Adelaide, including decades 'on-the-tools', mostly working on upgrade, repair and restoration of older homes.  

Short Notice? No Problem.

After calling us for a booking, most inspections are next day. Just call us with your contact details and the address. We can do the rest. Receive a summary on the day then your inspection report emailed next morning.

Fixed-price Quotation.

Just call or send us a few details (such as a real estate ad) and we'll give you a competetive fixed-price quotation to consider before proceeding. In 15 years, our prices have stayed the same, yet quality and service are always improving.

Quality & Value.

Our building inspection reports are trusted for their quality and accuracy. All in plain English - minimal jargon. Practical explanations with good advice fronted by a simple one-page summary.  Time, care and attention are needed for a proper inspection...all things that cut-price inspectors cannot provide. Our advice is unbiased - our reports usually recommend building and repair work, but we have no vested interest in that work.

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Get a Report to Suit Your Needs...

Building Inspection Report -   For buyers, sellers, owners and building managers. Learn more. Negotiate a better price. Discover what you need to know for planning maintenance or renovations. Get on-the-spot advice from our architect. This is not a pest inspection, but pest evidence will be reported if observed.

Pre-Purchase Building and Timber Pests Inspection Report -   Our most popular service. Get the Building Inspection Report, as above, plus our Timber Pests inspection report, which is a focussed search for termites ('white ants') on your property with specific advice and recommendations. 

Architect's Advice Report -  Usually for a single-issue concern such as “Can we remove this wall to make a larger living area?” or “Can we add an upper storey?” or "Why is the roof sagging?" Good advice from an architect with hands-on building experience.

Structural Inspection Report -   For buyers, sellers and building managers who only want to know about the structural issues. For example, before extensive renovations or a full interior re-fit.

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Experienced, licensed, qualified
As an Architect, our inspector holds the highest professional building qualification. But he also spent many years on-the-tools actually making things, building and renovating. Professional Indemnity and public liability insured. Licensed builder from 1983 then registered Architect from 2002.

Send us the street address or web link to your building and we’ll look it up then call you back. Or phone now – DIRECT TO THE INSPECTOR

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Like most small businesses, satisfied customers are our best salespeople.

You deserve honest, impartial advice, but when choosing a service provider, there are a few things to remember about building inspectors.

There are some things others might do but we don't...


We won't tout for building work

Some inspection providers use inspections as a sideline activity for getting building or design work for themselves or their associates. Inspections are all we do - not a sideline activity - and our advice is impartial and objective.


We won't sell your report to others

Some inspection providers, even large national franchise operations, will on-sell your report via their website to anybody. The information that you have paid for - that you thought was yours - is made available to anyone else... the seller, the agent and other buyers. 


We aren't cosy with the agent

Some seek work from real estate agents. The risk here is that when the agent is acting for the seller, building problems may not be properly reported because the inspector would be 'biting the hand that feeds them'.


We won't behave unethically

Some inspection providers will routinely "rubbish" the first building they look at, hoping they will get another job from you.

. . . some have no license, no insurance, no time and little knowledge, but continue to operate legally in SA.


We won't cut price at the expense of quality 

You have an ever-increasing number of inspection services to choose from. This means cheaper prices but like anything cheaper, there are risks to quality, for example . . . 

Price-cutting leads to less time on-site, increasing the risk of missing something important. There may be little or no time left for you to talk to the inspector afterwards.

We all love a bargain, but the appeal of saving a few hundred dollars on an inspection report is simply not worth the risk.


Look for quality and integrity first and you'll probably find value too. 


We are a completely independent Adelaide family business.

Our services are marketed on the internet and to lenders and conveyancers directly.

The post-inspection summary, given in person or by phone, is when our inspector explains what you need to know in language you will understand, to suit your level of building knowledge. Listen and ask questions.

Our clients come from all ages and backgrounds: seasoned property buyers, first homebuyers, new arrivals... some with thorough building knowledge... or none at all... and with different levels of education and literacy.

Your inspector will listen carefully, inform appropriately and foster understanding. 

The printed report, sent next day, is clear and concisely worded, with supporting photos. It is easy to navigate with a one-page summary and a contents page.  Ask for a sample to be emailed to you.

Our inspection findings are for your eyes and ears only - we do not tell the other party or real estate agent what we find, unless it is a public safety issue. We will never on-sell your report to other people. Some inspectors do this, including large operators such as Jim's, so choose carefully. 

We all have different ideas and concerns …. some of us want everything perfect right now, others have grand plans, some are enthusiastic and practical; some aren’t.

That's why your inspector should have the understanding to give the appropriate advice when asked, for example, "Should I worry about these defects?" or "How long will this bathroom last before we have to fix it?". 


In SA, pre-purchase building inspectors are not required to be licensed, registered or insured

Inspecting houses for sale, especially older ones, then reporting to buyers and doing both well, takes training and lots of experience, but...


With a smartphone app, anybody can make a professional-looking report. 

So it is crucially important to qualify the inspector - but how?

Do they have a few or a few hundred previous inspections?

Are they members of building professions - like architects and engineers?


Licenses and Memberships ... what are they really worth?

Holding a builders license, or being a member of an industry association, does not, in itself, qualify somebody to carry out pre-purchase building inspections. Some builders licenses are highly restricted, having nothing whatsoever to do with inspections.

Membership of the main industry associations, HIA and Master Builders, is open to most people, irrespective of their ability to inspect and report on building matters. 


Your inspector must have local building knowledge about many ages and types, a keen eye and good communication skills.

Our building and pest inspector is David Bodycomb. He is an experienced building professional with over 30 years working around Adelaide, including 15 years 'on-the-tools' building, restoring and renovating houses for himself and others.

You will benefit from his thorough understanding of local buildings and plain-language explanations.

David is a registered Architect in SA since being a licensed builder for many years. 

Under the 'Building Work Contractors Act 1995'Architects are deemed to hold Building Supervisor's Registation for any building work.

Check him out on Linkedin here. 

A pre-purchase building and pest inspection report should always be in writing, so it can be referred to later.  If it becomes a tool for negotiations, it must be clear, accurate and authoritative.

Our reports are 25-40 pages long but very easy to digest, beginning with a short one-page summary and table of contents. We won't waste your time with irrelevant or petty detail, onerous disclaimers or gobbledygook.

It is generally agreed that the minimal standard for inspection and reporting are the Australian Standards AS4349.1 for Pre-purchase Building Inspections and AS4349.3 for Timber Pest Inspections.

We use a report-writing software template designed to conform to these standards but we routinely provide more than they specify, simply because buyers and owners want to know more.


Your Allies - Legal, Technical & Financial

After finding the right house and deciding to make an offer, a well-prepared buyer needs a technical advisor (building and pest inspector) and a legal advisor (or conveyancer) - plus of course an obliging lender.

The purchase process might seem a little tricky, but that's hardly surprising when most of us don't buy or sell houses often enough to understand it nearly as well as a real estate agent.

Some buyers need reminding who employed the real estate agent - that they were employed by the seller to act foremost in their interests. That's not a criticism - just a fact.

Unless you are already familiar with laws and procedures in South Australia, some careful homework is advisable - these links to outside sites are a start:

David is an Adelaide-based building professional who has spent the past 35 years in building-related activities right here in Adelaide.

Beginning as a builder's labourer, he soon obtained a builders license and progressed working on-the-tools, until 1995, when he took time out for study and graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture in 2000, finally registering as an Architect in 2002.

David will carry out your inspection, present your summary and produce the illustrated typewritten report.

Check out our inspector David Bodycomb on Linkedin