When to get the Inspection Report.

"We paid for inspection reports but missed out on the house"


Buying at Sale or Private Treaty

Under normal contract conditions, once your offer is accepted, you may only have two clear working days in which to get your building and pest inspection done and consider the report. This time is short, so before you submit an offer or sign a contract, you should ask your lawyer or property conveyancer for advice about making the contract subject to the building inspection. Get them to check that the wording of the "subject to inspection" clause is correct and right for you. Before cooling-off ends, our building and pest inspection report can reveal defects you didn't previously know about and provide the information on which to negotiate a better price.

Inspect Before Making an Offer

Sometimes, a buyer likes to know as much as possible about the property before making an offer, so they get the building and pest inspection done beforehand. Of course, if no offer is accepted, then the cost of the inspection is lost.

At Auction, Bid With Confidence

The building and pest inspection is great value for money - it reduces a lot of risk. Organise your inspection early enough to consider what the report has said - you may want to get cost estimates for repairs. You could be the winning bidder or not  - or it could be someone who never bothered with a building and pest inspection beforehand.

"We're Making an Offer Before Auction"

For buyers making an offer before auction, your building and pest inspection report can strengthen your negotiation. Our customers tell how their report helped them get the house they wanted for less than they expected to pay.

Are You a Seller?

When we inspect for a seller, we play "devil's advocate", by providing a normal pre-purchase building and pest inspection report intended to discover the defects that a purchaser is likely to find when they get their's done. Despite the fact that no two building and pest inspectors will report exactly the same on a particular property, this inspection can fore-warn of negotiations over defects that were previously unknown to the owner or not believed significant. In the past, when inspecting for buyers, we have discovered defects of such magnitude that the buyer was shocked and walked away. However, these defects were repairable, and had the owner known beforehand, they would certainly have had them fixed. Perhaps the most spectacular example was a pair of maisonettes offered separately (Torrens titled) and our client was the perfect buyer - they wanted to buy both - until they saw the termite damage in the roofspace. The entire ceiling framing of at least one room was destroyed and disintegrated. Our inspector was amazed that all this was immediately visible, right next the ceiling hatch!

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