About Us

We're Adelaide-Based

We are a local business, based in Adelaide, not part of a large franchise operation.  When you call, you will be speaking with someone who knows the region, its conditions and its building traditions.


We are not part-timers or 'newbies' to this field. Our inspectors are the best in the business with decades of 'on-the-tools' building experience in all kinds of domestic construction, repairs and restoration. Our inspection and reporting methods are the most up-to-date.

We Know Local Conditions

Adelaide's older homes are unique so we report about them in context. A broad-brush approach intended for all Australian houses would not be the right approach.

We advise our clients about the defects we find in the context of the building's age and type. For instance, a 5mm crack in an old villa with broken downpipes usually has different origins to the same crack in a recently-built timber home, so each will be reported differently, with appropriate advice for our client.

We can also advise you on energy efficiency improvements to give you greater comfort and economy.

Reports In Language You Understand

We discuss and explain the summary in person, aiming to educate and inform our clients, not bamboozle or scare them.

There are Australian Standards for pre-purchase inspections. Over many thousands of inspections, we have learned that people want more than what the standards call for, so we have developed reports to be reader-friendly, readily useful and easily navigable.

Building is not brain surgery and most clients are very interested in the explanations and advice we provide. Our inspector David is a registered Architect and former builder, having had many years 'on-the-tools' right here in Adelaide.

Artekton ?

This word pronounced "ar - tek - ton" is made up from "art" + "tekton". 

"tekton" (τέκτων) is Ancient Greek for "builder" or "artisan", and also is a root of architect (archi + tekton).

Want to know more? How can we help? 
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Experienced, licensed, qualified
As an Architect, our inspector holds the highest professional building qualification. But he also spent many years on-the-tools actually making things, building and renovating. Professional Indemnity and public liability insured. Licensed builder from 1983 then registered Architect from 2002.

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