Free Booklet - Typical Defects in Adelaide Homes

Explanations of many common defects, why they occur and how to fix them.

Written in plain language - great for anyone who doesn't know a lot about local buildings.

This 50-page reference is especially useful for buyers of older homes. 


Free Booklet - What does that Builders' Jargon mean ?

What's a mullion, joist, soldier, creeper or a hanging beam?

Is the foundation the ground under the building or the concrete under the walls?

Building is not rocket science, but it does have a whole bunch of special words - secret code - jargon.

This document is a short glossary is from the handbook above.


The Building Code of Australia

The 'BCA' or 'NCC' (National Construction Code) is the main rulebook for building work Australia-wide.

Until recently, if you wanted a copy, you had to pay hundreds of dollars each year. At long last, it's free to download - all you need to do is register on the website of the Australian Building Codes Board (link below).

Having easy access to rules and regulations is a great incentive for compliance, but unfortunately, the many Australian Standards on which the BCA depends are still significantly costly to access.

Volume Two of the BCA contains the requirements for Class 1 (residential) and Class 10 (non-habitable) buildings and structures.


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