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"We wanted to buy an old villa but were concerned about hidden problems. The building inspection gave us the opportunity to properly assess the house - both the ups and downs - before putting in an offer before auction. We were able to factor in the money we would need to spend on the home in the next few years to maintain it. We were able to go back to the vendors telling them what we had learnt from the inspection, which put us in a much better bargaining position. At the end of the day we got the house - the offer which the vendors accepted was less than we had initially thought we would make before the inspection. By spending the money on the inspection we saved a lot more in the long run"  

Nick & Caroline  -   Malvern SA


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"It was important to us to get a building inspection, to be sure of what we were purchasing in our mid-century house. David was able to reassure us that the obvious issues (an enormous tree over the plumbing line, a dip in the roofline) were fixable, and gave us an idea of the costs involved. He also pointed out other issues we mightn't have noticed ourselves, and gave us ideas and information on how to deal with them. This helped us determine the price we were prepared to pay and gave us confidence to bid at auction. We got the house, and we love it - thankyou, David Bodycomb!"  

Sarah & James   -   Lower Mitcham


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Ben & Cici  -  Greenacres


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"We have used Mr Bodycomb for two pre-purchase inspections so far. His first report gave me the confidence to make a solid pre-auction offer that was accepted and we have owned a great house for nearly 8 years now. We recently utilised David again when we started looking for a larger house to accommodate the expanding family. This latest report identified the several extensions that had occurred in the house's life and a large amount of asbestos sheeting that was present on the property. With the risks to us now known, we went to the auction with confidence, but the bank manager had other ideas. We would not hesitate in using David again as his inspections are very thorough and the reports easy to understand."  

David & Sasha   -   Magill


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"When buying a house a building inspection is a must. This has proved invaluable in our housebuying. David Bodycomb provided a comprehensive report which picked up flaws we did not see and managed to save us money when negotiating with the agent."  

Shaun & Lisa   -   Teringie


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