Building and Pest Inspections

What do I get?

Thorough And Systematic Inspection

We inspect the building and the site, starting from the perimeter fencing and working inwards, looking for faults and defects that could impact upon your purchase decision and cost money now or in the future.

Much cannot be seen, but experience tells us where faults may lie or have been covered up.

The building inspection is non-destructive and great care is taken to avoid any damage to the property or disturbance to owners' effects.


Instant Summary of all the Major Points

Your inspector can show you the main issues, right there, on site. Ask questions.

If you cannot attend the site, the inspector will phone you instead.

The quality of the summary is vital when time is short - for example if the cooling-off period is about to end or an auction is soon.


Typewritten Photographic Report Emailed In 24 Hours

Our reports are professionally-designed with defects photographed and each accompanied by relevant notes and advice. Our reports are easy to understand and navigate, with a table of contents and a one-page summary (a great tool for negotiations) where the discovered defects are summarised into these 3 categories:  1 - urgent items, 2- costly items, 3- maintenance items for the future.    


What Do We Check?

We carry out a thorough visual inspection of all accessible areas inside and outside the building and over the site up to 30 metres from the main building. This includes fences, drainage, walls, roofspace and underfloor areas.

Where reasonable access is available to the inspector, our Building and Pest Inspections cover all the items in the list below.

A Structural Inspection will deal only with those items which are affecting the building’s structure now or are expected to in the future.



Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

Why are Termites (White Ants) of more concern than all other pests combined?     more ...



Want to know more? How can we help? 
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Experienced, licensed, qualified
As an Architect, our inspector holds the highest professional building qualification. But he also spent many years on-the-tools actually making things, building and renovating. Professional Indemnity and public liability insured. Licensed builder from 1983 then registered Architect from 2002.

Send us the street address or web link to your building and we’ll look it up then call you back. Or phone now – DIRECT TO THE INSPECTOR

0412 950 667

Site around the building

• Fences• Retaining walls • Site surface drainage • Paving & driveway • Trees • Garages, sheds, carports • Pool fence • Water features • Garden taps   

Building exterior

• Walls • Windows + screens • Gutters • Roofing + chimneys • Stormwater • Salt damp • Eaves + porches • Pergolas

Interior rooms

• Smoke alarms • Floor Structure • Floor• Walls • Ceilings • Doors • Access • Windows • Natural Light • Natural Ventilation • Cupboards, cabinets, wardrobes • Dampness • Electrical   

For kitchens and wet areas add:

• Kitchen cabinets + benches • Stove • Oven • Sink • Water pressure • Waste • Exhaust • Disposer • Dishwasher • Trough • Washing machine taps • Shower • Bath • Basin • Toilet cistern, seat, pan 

Staircases & balconies

• Balustrades • Structure • Safety 

Inside the roof

• Frame • Lining • Insulation • Leaks • Services • Access  

Under the floor

• Stumps/Piers • Walls • Framing • Floor • Services • Access • Ventilation • Damp • Ant Caps   


• Meter box • Switchboard • Overhead power cables • Power points & switches

Timber pests

• Damage • Current activity • Previous treatments • Conducive conditions


• Clothes line • Letterbox • TV antenna • Phone, alarm, intercom


• hot water system • heating + cooling